10 Creative Deck Designs To Show Your Deck Builder

Installing an outdoor deck gives you the ideal place to enjoy your garden or yard, and a creative deck design can revolutionise your property. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can select the perfect deck design to enhance your outdoor space.

1. Choose tiles

When most people think about outdoor decking, they think about wooden decks or composite materials.

As an alternative to hardwood or composite materials, a tiled deck can add colour, pattern, and panache to your outdoor environment.

Hardwearing and easy to keep clean, adding tiles to your deck can set your property apart from your neighbours and will create a unique look.

2. Add a jacuzzi to your deck

Before commissioning your creative deck design, talk to your Gold Coast deck builders about having a custom jacuzzi or hot tub added.

With an inset jacuzzi, you can have your deck built around the perfect place to relax in the sun.

3. Painted decks

Instead of selecting a hardwood or similar finish, why not try painting your deck?

Vibrant colours or stripes can create a whole new look for your property, and high-quality paint will provide a long-lasting finish.

4. Make the most of your view with a creative deck design

If you have spectacular views of the ocean from your property, ensure you make the most of them when designing your deck!

Assess your property with your deck builder and determine where the best view lies.

From there, you can build your deck to ensure that you’ll have the best view when you’re reclining on it.

5. Install a multi-level deck

Instead of opting for just one level, request a multi-level deck instead. With more than one level, you can designate space for certain tasks, such as outdoor cooking or a kid’s play area, and create the illusion of space and help smaller areas to feel more spacious.

You can even use wide-steps as seating areas, so a multi-level deck can double-up as added seating.

6. Keep your deck design light

When you’re relaxing into the evening, you’ll want to make use of external lights and lamps, so why not have them built-in to your deck?

With a bit of forward-planning, you can create the ultimate deck for entertaining.

Choose subtle lamps and torches to create ambiance, or opt for lighting in the steps of a multi-level deck for a truly luxurious look.

7. Add an awning to your deck design

To enjoy your deck all year-round, you’ll need to have an appropriate awning in place.

By choosing to incorporate an overhang as a permanent fixture of your deck, you can avoid the need to open and close awnings and umbrellas every time you want to use your deck.

Furthermore, the range of materials and natural fibres available means you can use your overhang to complete the finished look of your deck, as well as creating a safe space in which you can enjoy the warmer weather.

If you want to make the most of the natural light whilst you’re using your deck, a fibreglass ceiling could be the perfect solution.

With built-in UV protection, you can enjoy the sun safely and benefit from natural light at any time of the year.

A creative deck design with added seating

If you’re planning on having a deck built, you’re probably already considering what type of furniture to add to it.

Whilst furniture can certainly give your outdoor deck character, why not have seating areas built-in to your decking?

Hardwood benches can make a stunning addition to a deck, and they’ll match the floor of your deck perfectly.

9. Add railings to your deck

Depending on the height of your deck, you may need to add railings for safety reasons.

However, railings can be functional and stylish too.

Glass railings won’t impede your view as you recline on a sun lounger, and they’ll add a contemporary finish to your deck.

Alternatively, opt for hardwood or pine railings to add rustic charm to your outdoor deck, or paint railings in contrasting colours to create a vibrant feel.

If you have pets, railings can also be a stylish way to ensure they’re not allowed to roam free or wander into nearby gardens or roads.

10. Leave room for greenery around your deck

You can go green by adding pots and planters to your deck once it’s complete, but why not incorporate dedicated planting areas into your design?

By designating areas for planting, you can adorn your deck with shrubs, trees, and flowers.

If you’re planning a larger deck, incorporating planting areas will ensure you still benefit from natural elements, and you’ll be able to combine your deck and garden into one, luxurious feature.


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