10 Stunning Modern Pergola Designs

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to your garden and provide a respite from the hot sun. 

But they are not new by any standard. 

Pergolas have been around since the Italian renaissance period and were a common sight in their gardens serving as walkways and garden arbours. 

Today, the same structure can be a focal point and add a unique element to your garden. 

Adorned with wisteria and grapevines, they give you some much-needed shade.

Modern Pergola For Your Home

Pergolas can be a free-standing structure or an extension of your house. 

You can build a pergola yourself from scratch in a weekend’s work so here are ten stunning pergolas for your garden. 

Green and Opulent Garden Pergola

Have a lush garden overflowing with plants? 

You might want to look at this garden pergola nestled among the plants. 

The grapevines give the pergola a beautiful green canopy and a much-needed shade. 

Also, there is the Multijuga wisteria, and Madame Isaac Pereire, which drape the columns providing it more green cover. 

A Poolside Pergola

Have a pool area? 

Replace the poolside umbrellas with a charming, picturesque, pergola with some casual seating underneath. 

This stunning design by E. Claudio Modola is a more rustic stone structure with a natural look. 

Moreover, the open layout is welcoming with a Mediterranean feel. 

Geometric Freestanding Pergola

The minimalistic layout with slated dark woods gives a semblance of an outdoor room. 

It has two slatted walls with an opening on one acting as the door and the wicker furniture adds to the charming nature of the pergola. 

Another key point is the grey furniture and the white pillows against the dark wood, which add a bright note to the otherwise simple structure.

Pergola with a Thatched Cover

Simple wicker furniture, an open design and a thatched roof reminds you of the pacific islands. 

Similarly, the white pillows and the rustic table just adds to the island feel of the pergola

For a unique touch, add some tropical plants, orchids, palms etc. 

Modern Rustic Pergola with String Lights

Are you looking for a simple design with a cozy feel

How about this simple laid-back pergola with a small dining setup and a grill? 

This design is as basic as it gets, but the string lights and the wooden furniture give it a charming yet intimate feel. 

Functional Backyard Pergola

How about a functional pergola with a dining setup? 

The simple and modern structure is the key to its beauty. 

At the same time, the white setting with monochrome furniture is quite different and sets it apart from the others. 

Designed by Paul Lafrance, the pergola is not just functional but also a show stopper. 

Grecian Pillared Pergola

Rustic pergolas seem to be on-trend these days. 

In the same style is the Grecian pillared pergola with some elements of an English country manor. 

With Grecian column supporting the roof, it features a stone fireplace and wicker furniture(again). 

Sleek Manhattan Terrace Pergola

Designed by architect Charles Rose, this Manhattan terrace pergola is simplistic steel and glass structure. 

You can also add potted plants, vines or small planters to for more shade and green cover. 

Outdoor Living Room

Make the best use of the warm climate by bringing your living room out to the pergola

Designed by Trip Haenisch, the pergola features upholstered living room furniture and a cocktail table. 

Additionally, there’s the honeysuckle climbing the columns and on to the roof for a green touch. 

Classy Pergola

Paul Lafrance seems to be the designer of choice these days for pergolas. 

His unique pergola with an elevated platform, white columns and the criss-cross roof isn’t something we have seen before. 

It follows a semi-open plan which is open on one side with slatted wood on the other. 

Similar to the others, his choice of furniture is also wicker to enhance the overall design.


Pergolas are an excellent addition to your home. 

They act as an outdoor space to entertain your guests at night while bringing shade and comfort during the day. 

From rustic to minimalistic and Grecian columns, there are many designs for you to choose from. 

Need help with your pergola design? Call out expert team and we’ll help you create the pergola of your dreams!


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