5 Most Expensive Tiles In The World

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Tiles are a fundamental aspect of most homes in a variety of areas. If money were no object you could choose any tiles you like, so let’s explore the most expensive tiles in the world.

In the average home tiles make a frequent appearance on the roof to keep out the elements and to assist insulation.

We also use tiles in the kitchen to make areas easier to clean and to improve the aesthetics of food preparation areas.

Tiles are in the bathroom particularly in wet areas like around the shower or bath, and naturally on the floor.

We also use tiles in living areas inside, or outdoor living areas like under patios or surrounding pools.

Even driveways will often have special tiles to improve visual appeal.

With all these tiles most people are focused on ways to achieve the specific appearance they want, at the lower possible price.

But what if we go crazy for a minute and think about the most expensive tiles we could possible buy!

4. Ultraslim Mk2 Gioia White Polished Tile

One of the most expensive tiles carried by National Tiles is this fairly understate white tile for $165/sqm.

It has a clean appearance with a light grey marble type pattern which ads some added texture to an otherwise plain looking tile.

So why is it so expensive then?

Because it’s physically massive!

The Ultraslim Mk2 Gioia measures 1200mm x 2780mm making it significantly larger than the average person.

Very large tiles are a growing trend, much to the horror of tilers everywhere who have the difficult task of installing these behemoth tiles without breaking them!

3. Ballina Glazed Fish Scale Tile

Tile Cloud takes things up a notch on the pricing scale with this beautiful fish scale tile which would takle any kitchen or bathroom area to another level.

The tiles are a very unique shape so to assist the poor tilers they come in small sheets ready to lay.

All of that bespoke tiling styling comes at a cost though of $323/sqm or around $29 per sheet.

2. Blue Glow In The Dark Pool Tiles

Yes these pool tiles actually glow in the dark!

Why would you want that?

Maybe for safety…

Maybe because you want to create something that looks like a scene from Tron or Avatar!

Either way each square meter of these glowing pool tiles will cost $645.44/sqm, but it’s probably worth it for the wow factor!

1. Pietra Firma Luxtouch

You might be reading this article thinking to yourself…

“Sure those tiles are a bit expensive, but they’re not insanely expensive…”

Well my friend, things are about to go right off the deep end and into the loony bin.

Behold a tile which has a retail price of $1 million dollars per square meter.

Pietra Firma Luxtouch $1 million dollar tile

That’s $1 million USD so roughly $1.4 million/sqm in Australia dollars.

What on earth could make this tile so expensive?

Just check out the list of ingredients that are on this tile.

  • 1,000 diamonds
  • 2,400 pieces of moths of pearl
  • 400 pieces of abalone shell
  • 500 pieces of black onyx

Interesting to note is that the Pietra Firma website is now offline, possibly because nobody was stupid enough to buy such an expensive tile that they went broke.

Can you imagine needing to have security to ensure house guests weren’t scraping diamonds out of your tiles so they could buy a new home?

Our tilers on the Gold Coast are capable of handling more complicated tiles like herringbone tiles, or fish scale tiles.

Thankfully they aren’t asked to deal with $1 million dollar tile installations.


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