Affordable Ways To Tile A Bathroom

Bathroom Tiles Remodeling

When it comes to bathrooms, tiles are by far the most popular option, however they can be expensive. In this article we’ll explore ways to achieve a beautiful tiled finish, without blowing your budget.

Stone vs Ceramic

Stone tiles such as granite are often more expensive than ceramic tiles so simply choosing the right material will often cause significant savings when tiling a bathroom.

When tiling a splashback or other wet areas you can keep it simple and cover the floor with white porcelain metro tiles, but glass tiles are another option for a more stylised interpretation of the bathroom.

On the other hand, non-porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are some of the cheapest, and effective ways to tile a bathroom, and they are a fairly popular option.

Speak with a professional tiling expert to get their advice one which tiles to consider.

Spacious tiled bathroom

Available in many colours, they add dimension and depth to the splashback and accentuate the space between the sink and the walls.

Choose one of these to make the bathroom feel smaller or more spacious as needed.

User cheaper tiles for kids bathrooms

If you have young children with their own bathroom, consider using cheaper tiles which are easy to clean and have a patterned finish to disguise any mess they make.

Kids can be very messy and you don’t want to feel stressed out when they make a mess all over your expensive tilework.

Kids using the bathroom

Save the expensive tiling for the adults area where it’ll be properly appreciated.

Tile design is a cool way to make an impact, but remember that the more interesting or unique your tiles are, the more expensive they’re likely to be.

If you’re trying to tile your bathroom on a small budget you’ll need to balance the type of tile against the overall cost.

Use statement tiles

A clever way to reduce the cost of tiling is to tile a smaller area of the bathroom, but at the same time making use of statement tiles to add some visual impact.

Statement tiles on a feature wall
Bathtub in corian, Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden

Framing a mirror or mirror with bathroom tiles is a great way to create an elevated feature without it being too loud, especially in a small, private bathroom.

Use a mixture of cheap & expensive tiles

If you are willing to consider using expensive tiles for an artistic design, it is best to mix in a few cheap tiles.

Decorative tiles can create strong visual impact, while cheap ones create a nice separation between decorative tiles.


Sometimes the style you prefer for a modern bathroom design determines which tiles you should use.

If you don’t have one, it may help to just look at ceramic tile shower ideas to help get your imagination going.

If you’re smart with how you apply your tiles and the tiles you choose then you can often shave hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of the cost of tiling your bathroom to make it a truly affordable project.


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