The Best Plants To Compliment Your Pergola

If you want to transform your outdoor living space, you need to make it an area that you want to look at.

It needs to have fantastic decor, exciting styling, and meet your own expectations of how you want your garden to look.

The best way to do this? With a pergola!

A visually appealing outdoor area with a beautifully floral pergola is one of the best ways to enhance your garden aesthetics.

A pergola is an outdoor structure that can change your garden from dull to beautiful, and the transformation can be breathtaking.

You can have these attached to the house, or you can enjoy your pergola as a standalone structure.

As pergolas are made with beams and have no solid roof or walls, their styling can be unique and attractive.

Most people consider that creepers and climbing plants are the best options for giving their pergola a rustic look, and doing so creates a way to shade the garden.

This way, families can sit in the sun comfortably and surrounded by nature.

Most people will agree that plants and pergolas go hand-in-hand…

The question is whether or not you know the best plants for styling your pergola, so in this article we’ve listed some of the best to use in your garden.

Climbing Roses

Everyone loves roses.

You can’t not when it’s such a diverse flower that comes in a variety of colours and styles.

The variations of roses are endless; whether you want to add Blue Moon or Alchymist, there is something for your garden pergola that matches your tastes.

Roses immediately brighten up the garden, and they offer nostalgia, not to mention their reputation as a romantic accompaniment for all the lovers out there!

Roses come in different types, and one of the best ones for a pergola is climbing roses.

They have flexible canes, and this makes them wrap around the pergola or trellis, growing up to fifteen feet at a time.

You don’t have to buy the thorny variety if you’re worried about little hands getting caught, but you can buy Golden Showers, as those have no thorns at all.

No matter which you choose, they’ll make the pergola look alluring.

Parthenocissus Quinquefolia (Virginia creeper)

As well as climbing roses, you can get creepers which will cover your pergola.

The Virginia Creeper blooms June to August and it’s one of the most popular options out there.

The colour is rich and autumnal and it’s known as a show-stopper in the gardening world.

It’s a fast grower, so you need to prune it regularly otherwise it can strangle other plants as it grows.

Keep this one in the full beam of the sunshine and add in some fertile and well-drained soil if you want it to grow well.


Succulents are also commonly known as “fat plants”.

They do well in pots and when you add them to your garden patio, they can really improve the appearance but you can easily apply them in the same way with your pergola area too.

Best of all succulents are low maintenance, so they don’t require too much water or sunlight to thrive.


Without a doubt, Clematis is one of the very best climbing plants for a pergola in your garden.

They bloom quickly, with the flowers blooming in the Spring months, and it doesn’t take long for the entire structure to be covered with Clematis.

These are plants that are low maintenance and easy to grow, and if you go with the taller Montana variety, you will get plants that climb to more than twenty feet high.

For the most majestic floral display, pair the Clematis with climbing roses and watch the beauty unfold before your eyes.

Clematis cover the canes of the roses to make them look entirely floral, and the scent from the roses fills the garden quickly.

These are the plants to choose when you want to add colour to your pergola.


For fast growers, Clematis are a great option, but for aggressively fast growers, Wisteria are the winners to cover your pergola in greenery as fast as possible.

Larger pergolas in the bigger gardens out there require more aggressive plants to make them look good faster.

You need to prune regularly when it comes to having Wisteria, though, as it does grow fast enough to strangle other plants.

Wisteria flowers pop in purple, blue, pink and white, and they emit a very sweet fragrance which makes them an ideal garden choice.

They flower in the spring, and the most common species of Wisteria include Floribunda, Sinensis and Brachybotrys.


Pergolas are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space.

Take your pergola to the next level by incorporating beautiful plants to make it an absolutely irresistible area.


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