Commercial tiling in bars and restaurants

The design of any commercial enterprise holds great significance in today’s world, be it a hotel, office, hospital, restaurant, café, or bar.  Wall and floor designs are an integral part of the décor and various types of tiles are one of the options to use. 

In this article we’ll showcase a few different types of tiles and discuss their benefits and drawbacks.

1. The banquet room of a hotel in North Minnesota, USA

This was designed to reflect the vast open spaces and the beautiful Aspen trees of the state. 

The floor in shades of blue give an impression of the wide space and the wall tiles reflect the barks of the Aspen trees. 

This feels like the outdoors have been recreated inside. 

But if used in a small space these same tiles might be a bit overpowering.

2. A wall tile with a weave pattern

This soothing pattern of the wall tile is ideal for a clinic waiting room, an airport lounge, café or restaurant primarily because it blends into the background. 

It will not grab attention, so the food and ambience of a food outlet can be showcased to its fullest, or it can reduce the tensions of a nervous patient or a tense flier. 

Available in other colours too, like grey, teal, green, these tiles will go with any type of décor. 

3. Specially printed tiles to set the mood in a café, restaurant, or bar

Specially printed tiles always make a statement. 

Normally pictures that match the thoughts and ideas of the restaurateur are used to make that statement. 

The tiles have to be fitted like a jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture. But the size of the space will dictate which picture will be most appropriate and give the image its clarity.

4. Wooden mosaic tiles

The wooden mosaic tile gives warmth to space. They are ideal for a pub or a pizza joint that has a wood-fired oven. 

The wooden finished tiles come in two types; vintage or rustic. 

But when using these tiles on the wall one must remember to match the furniture to it too. 

A futuristic décor will not gel with walls clad in these wooden mosaic tiles.

5. Flexible Tiles for Gyms

Tiles made of flexible materials like PVC and rubber are a very popular choice for heavy use areas like gyms. 

These floor tiles are hardy, yet resilient and save the sportsperson from getting injured in case of a fall. 

They come in different colours and textures and are normally skid-free. 

But they last better if installed indoors.

6. Moroccan Glazed Fish Tiles

A typical Mediterranean design, these blue, fish-scale designed tiles visually take you to the sea. 

As you can imagine, a seafood restaurant and bar, or a hotel swimming pool is an ideal place to use these tiles. 

Here used below the bar counter, they will last a lifetime, since there is little fear of them being damaged.


Tiles are primarily made of ceramic material, but wooden tiles, cement tiles, terracotta tiles, and embossed PVC tiles, are some other popular options too. 

Wallpaper stick-on tiles are also available, so you have a wide range of products to choose from depending on the intended application. 

You can choose the tile to fit your décor, or you can use designer tiles as your design centrepiece and design the interior accordingly.

Need help creating a tile design? Talk to our Gold Coast tiling experts for help!


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