Common Mistakes DIY Painters Make At Home

DIY painting can be an enjoyable and empowering experience, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

However, you need to be mindful of the potential downfalls and mistakes that could occur during the process if you fail to prepare correctly.

One of the primary errors many DIY painters make is that of avoiding proper surface preparation.

Preparing your surface to be painted is one of the most critical steps in the entire process.

It involves first making sure the surface is clear of any dirt or debris which may cause the final paint coat to be affected adversely.

Another common DIY painting mistake is the use of cheap paint.

While it may seem tempting to save a few dollars by going with a lower quality paint choice, cheaper paints are more susceptible to scratching, and damage over time than higher-quality options.

You’ll also have to spend more time painting additional coats as cheaper paint is usually much thinner.

Common mistakes DIY painters make

One of the most common mistakes that DIY painters make is not using primer on a particular surface before painting it.

Primer is a chemical which allows the paint to go on surfaces smoothly.

Without priming your surface beforehand, the final paint that goes on your walls will be exposed to air pockets and other aesthetic issues which will cause you to have to apply a new coating eventually.

Using standard painting tools is also another common mistake many DIY painters make.

Low-quality painting tools can cause even the highest quality paint to go on your walls roughly and unevenly.

One of the final errors a lot of DIY painters make is that of over-brushing.

If you use too many brush strokes in a particular area and don’t apply the same technique in others, your paint job will come out looking uneven and sloppy.

Avoiding common DIY painting mistakes

To avoid common DIY painting mistakes, make sure you do a thorough amount of research beforehand.

Proper research will help you learn the correct ways to apply paint to your walls so that you can achieve the desired finish you’ve been looking for.

If you simply do the reverse of all the common DIY painting mistakes we mentioned before, you can avoid uneven or sloppy paint jobs with ease!

Of course you can always ensure you avoid these mistakes by hiring one of the best painters on the Gold Coast too.

People Also Ask

Q: Is it worth paying someone to paint your house?

A: When you factor in the average price of paint, the additional cost of the various materials you’ll need to buy to complete the job, hiring someone else to paint your home can be well worth the price in the end.

Q: What should you not do when painting?

A: Do not forget to use painting tape, never attempt to paint any surface without priming it first. Don’t underestimate the amount of paint needed to finish your project, and never avoid prepping your surfaces.


Use all of the information in this article to assist with your next DIY painting endeavour.

As long as you follow our tips, your next DIY paint job can come out as if the professionals did it.


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