Decks & Pergolas on the Gold Coast, The Ultimate Outdoor Combo

Giving you ample space to enjoy the outdoors, outdoor decks & pergolas on the Gold Coast provide the ultimate solution to your needs. With protection from the sun and the space to incorporate a wide range of features, you can create a bespoke outdoor environment to enjoy all year-round.

Create indoor-outdoor space

The Gold Coast benefits from some of the best weather conditions in the world, so why not make the most of it?

Adding a pergola to outdoor decking gives you the opportunity to create an indoor-outdoor room, which will expand your living space and enable you to make the most of your environment too.

With bi-folding doors, French windows or sliding doors, it’s easy to complement your property and ensure your outdoor decking becomes an integral part of the structure.

Used throughout the year, a pergola will provide sufficient protection from the sun, and give you added protection from rain during the colder months.

Add greenery

If you want to cultivate an outdoor oasis, combining outdoor decks with pergolas is the perfect way to go about it.

As well as adding designated planting areas to your outdoor deck, you can trail plants over and through your pergola.

Ideal for climbing plants and trailing flowers, your outdoor space will be adorned by colours and the sweet scents of nature throughout the year.

Furthermore, adding trellises or planting climbing shrubs around your pergola will give you increased privacy when you’re using your deck.

Whilst fences can create a boxed-in look, plants enable you to maintain your privacy whilst still providing an open and unrestricted feeling.

Protection from the sun

As any Gold Coast local knows, it’s vital to have adequate protection from the sun.

With temperatures routinely reaching 35°-40° and above, you’ll need to have some form of shade if you want to make full use of your outdoor decking during the summer months.

Adding pergolas to outdoor decks is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

With suitable awnings or fixed coverings, your pergola can provide a haven from the shade and protect you from harmful UV rays.

Creating a focal point

Aside from its practical uses, a pergola can create a stunning focal point in your garden or yard.

By catching the eye, a pergola brings together the features of your deck and your outdoor space and ensures you have a centrepiece to showcase the area.

Whether you choose to stick to scaled back natural wood, a vibrant splash of paint or contemporary, modern materials, a pergola can complement your outdoor deck and increase its visual appeal.

If you’ve opted for a subtle, hardwood deck, for example, a pergola gives you the opportunity to add bolder designs and colours to your outdoor space.

Lighting up Gold Coast decks & pergolas

When you’re spending time on the deck throughout the evenings, you’ll need some form of lighting.

With a pergola, it’s easy to add permanent or temporary lighting whenever you need it.

Simply draping fairy lights across the structure can create a stunning visual, and provide the perfect lighting for relaxed entertaining and informal evenings.

Alternatively, your pergola can be designed and installed with lighting options built-in, so you’ll simply need to flick a switch to turn your lights on and off as they’re required.

With spotlights, twinkling bulbs and faux-flame electric lights, you can benefit from a range of lighting options when you combine a pergola with outdoor decking.

Designing a high-tech sanctuary

Whilst it’s great to enjoy the outdoors, we’ve become accustomed to using electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers at all times.

If you opt for a covered pergola, you could enhance it with a variety of features to create a high-tech environment.

Offering protection from the glare of the sun, a pergola is the perfect place to curl up and read your favourite book or recline and catch up with the latest films.

If you want to combine high-tech luxuries with outdoor space, adding a pergola is the ultimate way to do it.

With creative designs and custom installation methods, your pergola and outdoor decking can be built to your exact requirements, so you can be sure it will meet all of your high-tech needs.

Final thoughts

Offering a range of options and solutions, combining decks & pergolas on the Gold Coast can help you to enhance the visual appearance of your property and add functional space for you, your family and your friends to enjoy at any time of the year.


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