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Home renovation can be fun, especially when you see everything fall into place and your home come into shape. 

Efficient carpentry is important for any home renovation because carpenters provide a solid structure and foundation for your home. 

While these are the most visible structures in the house, carpentry also includes the framework, demolition, and other sometimes invisible yet essential tasks. 

Here are some of the most beautiful carpentry works…

Custom Hutch 

A custom hutch design is a freestanding set of shelves intended with storage in mind.

This custom hutch takes it to the next level with just a stain retaining the natural grains and illuminating inter-cabinet lighting.

The doors are glass and, combined with the soft lighting, makes it an attractive feature.

Much like the china cabinet, you also have options to store your glassware. 

Modern Feature Wall

The geometric panel wall is an excellent addition to your living room.

The modern feature wall adds life and colour to what would have otherwise been an empty wall.

However, simple and clean decor works the best in letting the panel wall shine. 

TV Unit Design

The simple and genius TV unit design is ideal for your entertainment or family room.

The unit includes a bookshelf, electric fireplace and showcase covering the entire wall top to bottom. 

Even though it is quite deceptive to the eye, it has gone through serious planning to let the individual elements shine for themselves. 

Moreover, the lights are hidden within the panels shining a soft glow, illuminating the surrounding surfaces. 

Display Case 

A display case is always a stunning addition to any home, mainly if it is used to separate rooms like in this example.

It is an ingenious design with a display case, storage space and a TV unit.

The case itself is a dark stain with a warm inter cabinet lighting softening the entire look.

The designer has extended the case to the other side, and used it to contain the fireplace. 

Accent Wall with Book Case

Accent walls add beauty to the room.

However, if it comes with a bookcase, the entire look is simply stunning.

While there’s nothing genius about it, the charm lies in the simple wooden structure. 

From installing beams and trims to a TV Unit and even a feature wall, carpentry plays an integral part in your home renovation.

The wall itself is covered in vertical wooden panels. And sitting above it is a lovely bookshelf again simplistic in design.

The basic structure lends itself to contemporary and traditional decor, allowing you to free the inner designer in you.

Custom Wall Unit

A custom-built wall unit with multiple shelves of different sizes simply sets the tone for the room.

The wood is rich in colour with just a stain to showcase its beauty. 

The centre panel is cut in the shape of the guitar with bookmarked grain and surrounded with downlights. 

Laundry Room

With a colour as pretty as this blue-green, you cannot help but notice the laundry room.

While there’s nothing special about the structure, the simplicity and the clean lines make it unique. 

The design resembles a farmhouse style in its colour and design.

Paired with a white counter and backsplash, the room renders beautifully to any decor. 


An expert carpenter can help you create your home and makes the renovation project a successful one.

So if you’re looking for an expert carpenter on the Gold Coast, call our team now.


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