How a Deck Can Create Your Perfect Outdoor Lifestyle?

An outdoor space like a deck makes for an ideal spot to entertain or just relax with family and friends. They also act as a private oasis for you to unwind after a long day from work.

Here’s how you can use a deck to create a :

Integrated Firepit

No deck is complete without an integrated firepit!

They may be the ultimate accessory, but the catch is that fire doesn’t get along with a wood or a composite deck.

So you’ll definitely need a professional to install the firepit for you. 

One way of separating the flame from your deck is to incorporate stone in your design, and naturally prevent placing other flammable materials or installations close by. 

You can also choose to add decorative railings to put some space between the firepit and the people (especially children).

Another option is to create a focal point with a sunken firepit and a dedicated seating area around it. 

BBQ area

If you like barbequing as much as we do, then you need a designated bbq area on your deck.

A built-in grill and cooktop with counter space and sink help to open up the deck for parties and entertainment.

Moreover, it can create a rustic outdoor kitchen look which works well in summer. 

In the case of smaller spaces, a pergola with a built-in bbq area, cooktop and a seating area act as an outdoor cooking spot. 

Integrated pool

A deck with an integrated pool or otherwise called a pool deck is a cost-effective way of enjoying the pool while not investing as much.

While you cannot jump or dive in like you can with with an in-ground pool, you can definitely relax with your legs dangling in the water or go for a swim, or sunbathe sitting by the pool or just have a party. 

Not only does it makes your social life more enjoyable, a functional and comfortable deck also increases the value of your home. 

Having a deck by the pool makes it more accessible and enjoyable.

Add a fire pit or a bbq area with a seating area for some poolside dining too. 

Entertaining area

A simple entertainment idea is to place a television such that it is shaded from the sun and rain but visible still from your deck.

You can enjoy the afternoon sun while relaxing or tanning, or even entertaining your guests with the TV on. 

Or you can skip the TV and go all natural!

Create a living wall with a few planters and add a seating area beside it.

This set up works well for an alfresco meal for just a few guests. 

A covered bar with a bbq and countertop, bar seating, double sinks, flat-screen TV and elegant lighting works well as a large entertainment area for parties. 

Reading Nook

While decks can be a perfect entertainment centre or family gathering, it also works as a cool place to unwind and relax with a book. 

Create a semi-private space with a comfortable chair and table surrounded by planters with flowering shrubs, especially a lavender since it’s supposed to have a calming effect on your senses.

Instead of a chair, think about an ottoman with colourful cushions thrown about. 


A deck is an impressive entertaining, relaxing, and even cooking spot.

A few changes to its design makes it even more enjoyable and ensures that it really enhances your outdoor lifestyle.


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