How To Combine Outdoor Decking With Firepits

Fireplaces and firepits can be the ultimate accessory for your outdoor deck, but you do need to take extra care when using them since timber or composite materials (plastic) don’t mix well with fire. That’s why in this article we’ll show you how to combine outdoor decking with firepits.

Create a designated area for your firepit

Having a firepit incorporated into your deck design means you can have a designated area to enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Once you know exactly where your fireplace will be positioned, your deck builders can avoid placing any particularly flammable materials near it.

By incorporating stone into the design, for example, you can create a barrier between the fire and the wood or composite material of your outdoor decking.

This will minimise the risk of flames catching and help to ensure you can enjoy your new firepit and deck safely.

Add decorative railings on outdoor decking & firepit

As well as adding railings to the edge of your deck, you can opt for decorative features to create a physical barrier between people and your fireplace.

If you have young children or pets, preventing easy access to the fireplace can be a great idea, as it helps to reduce the risk of injuries or fire-related incidents.

With the right design and inspiration, you can use railings around the fireplace to enhance the décor and feel of your outdoor decking.

A fireproof surround can be the perfect way to add a contemporary touch to your decking, ensure the flames from your fireplace do not get too near to any flammable materials and prevent people from getting too close from the fire itself.

Install a sunken fireplace in your outdoor deck

A sunken fireplace enables you to make a feature of your firepit, and also ensures the flames are kept well away from any other buildings or features, such as your awning or overhang.

With dedicated seating, it’s easy to create a relaxed area to enjoy with guests, and it makes a stunning focal point.

As well as adding to the aesthetics of your deck, a sunken fireplace creates a practical place to sit and enjoy the view.

Furthermore, designing a sunken fireplace adds multiple layers to your outdoor deck and can help smaller areas to feel bigger.

By enhancing the space you’ve got and adding multi-level features, you can opt for a bespoke outdoor deck, which will complement both your property and your external space.

Select a stylish firepit to compliment your deck

If you’re unsure about installing a complete fireplace on your outdoor decking, a firepit can be a great solution.

Still providing the look of a welcoming fire and warmth on cooler evenings, a firepit can be a temporary or permanent feature on your deck.

With a metal moveable firepit, for example, you can add it to your deck as and when you want to use it, and store it separately when it’s not in use.

This helps to ensure no one else can access it and minimises any risks of a fire being lit whilst you’re not at home.

Furthermore, if you opt for a relatively small deck, being able to move a firepit ensures you maintain a versatile and flexible space.

Whilst you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a firepit during the colder evenings, for example, you can make alternative use of the space throughout the summer.

Use metal or stone to contain the firepit within your deck

Using different materials for your outdoor decking & firepits can help to reduce the risk of any accidents occurring. A metal firepit will contain the flames, for example, and ensure they cannot spread to any of the decking materials.

Similarly, a stone fireplace enables you to choose a semi-contained fireplace.

As well as being easier to light and tend, a semi-contained fireplace can help to minimise the risk of unwanted incidents too.

As the flames are partially contained, there is less risk of accidents occurring or people getting to close to the fire itself.

Although fireplaces and firepits can make a fantastic addition to outdoor decking, care does need to be taking when you’re planning how to incorporate these features.

Wooden and composite decks require stringent fire safety measures, so its always advisable to get professional advice before installing a fireplace or firepit.

However, with the right design and installation methods, you can enhance your outdoor decking with the perfect fireplace.


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