How To Create Tiling Designs That Won’t Become Dated

When choosing to install tiles in your home, there are many different styles and options to choose from.

Understanding how to create tile designs that never get old can help you get longevity out of your tiles.

There are some tile patterns that have existed for many centuries which means they’ll be appealing to many people if you’re trying to sell too.

In the professional interior design industry, you’ll see new spins on traditional tile styles used a lot.

To create tiling designs that always feel fresh, you’ll need to have a bit of design knowledge and practicality.

Create tiling designs that never get outdated

Before we begin, it’s important to note that all designs, tile or not, become outdated at some point.

However, you can install tiles that last 10yrs+ without ever feeling old.

So, with that out of the way, now we can get to the good stuff.

For starters, the best way to create fresh tiling designs is by using neutral hues.

Using colors that are very popular for a particular moment or season may seem cool.

But when you decide to change your mind, you’ll have to deal with the expensive and lengthy process of removing those tiles.

Warm tans and other light shades of darker colours work great for tile designs.

One very popular tile design that won’t go out of style anytime soon is subway tiling.

Subway tiling got its name because it’s commonly used in commercial subway areas and parks.

Brown tiles

Subway tile in history is traditionally white.

It’s a neutral colour which will work with any other accent colour.

But homes today use black and grey variants of the style too.

Penny tile is also relatively new and won’t go out of style any time soon.

Tile designs that always feel fresh

When you’re out shopping for tiles, you’ll notice a few main options. Ceramic is one of the most popular tile options as it’s relatively affordable and offers a wide variety to choose from.

Black and white bathroom shower tiles

Mosaic tiles are another popular tile choice for many homeowners.

Mainly because they come in intricate styles that can boost the appearance of your interior space.

Consider taking a step further and visit a local hardware store or even a local Gold Coast tilers to get practical advice on the best tile style for you.

People Also Ask

Q: Are subway tiles out of style 2020?

A: Absolutely NO, many interior designers still use subway tiles and plan to do so for a long time to come.

Q: Will pattern tile go out of style?

A: The tile patterns that won’t go out of style anytime soon are the ones that have been around for the longest. Try to stick with classic materials and neutral colours. Some tiles have been around for centuries, try to stay with those.

Q: Are square tiles back in style?

A: Square tiles are a classic style, But due to their rigidity and uniformity, many interior designers are moving away from them.


In a nutshell, whichever design of tiling you pick for your home or office it must be something that ticks you.

It could be in any colour or pattern but the important thing is that you ought to like it because if it as per your liking, it will never get outdated or you will never get bored seeing it on a daily basis.

Use all of the information in this article to ensure you choose a tiling style that never gets outdated!


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