How To Decorate Your Deck For Evening Entertaining

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When you have a nice deck in place, ready for those summer nights, you want to make sure that you get some good use out of it. Outdoor dining, entertaining guests, having a sip of wine beneath the sunset, it’s all possible. However, if your deck is looking a little bare, it’s only natural that you, your family, and guests, might not find it as inviting as it might be.

Here, we’re going to look at different furnishings, lighting, fixtures, and designs you can use to create the perfect deck for night-time entertaining.

Avoid The Chill

No matter how good the weather is on those summer days, the nights can take a turn for the colder. As such, you should think about how you can keep you and your guests warm and comfortable.

Installing a source of heat can add a real cosy feel, besides ensuring that you’re not shaking and shivering.

During winter our deck builders are often asked about the best way to (safely) integrate a firepit or a has heater into their outdoor deck.

Adding a fire pit is an extensive project, as lovely as it can be, so you should also look at installing a chiminea which doesn’t need quite as much space.

Comfort is a must

A sense of comfort is just as important for staying cosy and warm during those late nights.

Take a little inspiration from the kind of tactile comfort you have in your living room.

Choose outdoor furniture with plush upholstery or add a touch of softness to hardier garden furniture with cushions and throws that can make them feel a lot more welcoming.

Rugs for the deck floor and soft tablecloths can help it all feel a little less bare and cold.

Light for safety and purpose

Those nights can get dark, especially if your deck doesn’t get too much light from indoors.

Function and safety should be your first thought when thinking about how to light.

Simple pendant lights on the walls or under rail deck lighting can help.

Think about high risk areas and light them up, too.

This might mean under-table lighting for cooking stations like the grill, as well as deck stair lights and recessed lights in the garden path to help people see where they’re going.

Deck lighting to set the mood

Your choice of lighting can dramatically improve the warm, welcoming vibes of a deck at night, as well.

Adding a simple, stylish lantern to house a candle, battery-operated bulb, or even a solar bulb can make the central table of the deck seem a lot warmer and more communal.

Downlighting a covered deck can also make it feel closer and cosier, enhancing the social, fun feeling inside that space.

Enhance the surrounding greenery

The right plant containers and tall plants can add a nice burst colour that plays well off the lighting around the decking.

Clary sage, New Zealand flax, delphiniums, and other tall perennials make for a great border wall around the corners and more open spaces of the decking.

You might not want to cover the view to the rest of the garden entirely, but these additions can add a sense of privacy and closeness to the space, not to mention natural colours that still pop when the sun isn’t out

Create a hanging garden

Don’t feel like you have to rely solely on standing plants and containers, either.

If you want to show off a little design flair and make the design of the decking area feel a little more layered, then consider incorporating vertical gardening, as well.

If your decking is covered or has tall beams at the corners, hanging containers can soften the harder edges of the area with a little verdant lushness.

If you only have a garden wall to make use of, then make use of the limited space with a trellis or some wall mounted containers instead.

Make sure your decking is fit for the job

Last, but not least, it’s important to make sure your deck looks great and feels comfortable to spend time on.

If you haven’t given it the care it deserves, rotten planks, dull surfaces, and damage could make it stand out and not in a good way.

QLD Building repairs offers complete deck restoration services, replacing and repairing rotten or broken planks, resurfacing the whole thing, and helping bring the deck back to life again.

If your deck is past its prime, take a closer look at our services to learn how you can rejuvenate it.


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