How To Integrate An Outdoor Deck With A Pool

A backyard deck is one of the best home features that any lover of outdoor living can ever invest in. Meanwhile, a home swimming pool is deemed to be the ultimate luxury. Combining the two items is a fantastic way to make the most out of our Queensland lifestyle, but only if you find a suitable way to integrate the outdoor deck with your pool.

There are many contributing factors to consider, ranging from the size of your garden spaces to the overall aesthetic of the home as well as the pool layout.

Nonetheless, this guide should provide valuable insight into the various options at your disposal.

Multi-Level Deck Design

When properties are blessed with built-in egress to the outside on two levels, multi-level decks are the perfect solution for added luxury that incorporates a swimming pool while still retaining one level of decking that remains dry and safe from any splash zones.

In most cases, the swimming pool will be integrated with the lower tier of the deck as this makes practical sense.

This additionally creates an opportunity to screen off the top deck, allowing you to make use of the space almost like a conservatory, providing protection from adverse weather conditions.

The Invisible House in the Isle of Wight, UK, is a brilliant example of using multiple decking levels that utilise the space to perfection while also segregating dry and wet areas with great effect.

Imagine how fantastic this will be when you also have the added benefit of Ozzie weather.

The Pool Garden

Many homeowners naturally picture pools surrounded by a decking area as well as a natural grassy area.

However, urban and contemporary homes may transform an entire outside space into a pool garden – especially if the area available is restricted.

Pool gardens offer many benefits including minimal maintenance needs.

Regardless of whether the deck is exclusively made from wood or also uses a concrete patio.

Millennials living in smaller properties are particularly fond of this style, but it can work well for slightly bigger homes too.

contemporary swimming pool and hot tub

In this example the courtyard garden is the perfect setting for an outdoor deck with a pool, and hot tub.

The outdoor eating area is separate from the pool while potted plants bring natural beauty to the otherwise urbanised aesthetic.

Deck Level Pool Integration

Deck level pools are another fantastic option that have gained huge popularity in Europe, Asia, and North America, particularly for those wishing to make the most of balconies and other structures that overlook the stunning horizons.

When building a deck in Brisbane, this is certainly a winning solution.

However, it can be equally popular as a way to keep the swimming pool and deck areas separated from flowerbed areas and other distinct parts o the outside spaces.

When choosing this route, a popular method is to use gates or glass screens so that you gain the views and the segregation.

The simple yet stunning garden uses stone, making it more of a patio than a deck.

However, it shows how effective this approach can be, creating a private balcony area that replicates the look of a luxury private hotel in the comfort of your own home.

Above Ground Pool & Deck

An above ground swimming pool can be the ultimate solution for covering up unattractive sidings while also reducing the need for installing a huge deck.

You can simply build a raised square (or shape of your choice) around the pool with a step up.

As a budget-friendly solution that can also connect to the perimeter fencing or incorporating plant.

There are limitless options at your disposal while you can also take advantage of various wood stains and finished to ensure that immediate and ongoing requirements are satisfied.

These above ground pool by Mermaid Pools is a fantastic example of how you can build an outdoor deck with a pool in a very cost-effective manner..

The Final Word

Integrating a pool into a deck or patio is one of the best ways to take the value of the property and your daily home life to a whole new level.

With so many design options to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a balcony, a terrace, a small backyard, or an extensive landscape over multiple levels.

You can always find a winning solution, and our deck building experts have the experience to help you achieve it.


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