Kitchen Tiling Trends for 2021

After 2020, when most of the year one had to spend locked down at home, the importance of the kitchen has been acknowledged by many homeowners.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Many people wish to redesign their kitchen to make it more appealing and conducive to not just cooking but also for other duties like school or office work.

This has resulted in the central island of the kitchen being enlarged to accommodate more people and more work activites.

Tiles are the best option both for the floor and walls of a kitchen.

They are durable, easy to clean and maintain and the designs that can be created with the use of tiles are endless.

Vacuum cleaner on tiled floor

White is traditionally the most popular colour for a kitchen.

However 2021 will see the emergence of tiles in warmer colours like beige, shades of orange, and blue.

Another trending kitchen design is the matt or brushed finishes.

They gel well with wood floors, nature-inspired décor, and energy-efficient light fixtures. 

Neutral colours and classic tile patterns never go out of style.

2021 looks forward to a splash of colour to break the monotony of the cooking space.

Backsplash areas done in contrasting colours to the countertop, cabinets, and the floor are also a good idea.

Hexagonal tiles, patterned or encaustic tiles, dramatic colours like navy blue, dark green, black, or brick looks, all seem to be trending in 2021.

The classic subway tiles are still popular, but the emerging colours are warmer shades compared to stark white used previously.

Textured tiles are also trending.

Neutral coloured, yet installed in unexpected patterns makes a definite statement about the homeowners.

Contrasting grouting colour also helps subway tiles to stand out. 

In 2021 the top priorities in kitchen designs are hygiene and cleanliness as well as flexibility for multiple tasks and users.

The backsplash area decorated with mosaic tiles not only protects the wall around the sink, rangehood, and counter, it also adds interesting an interesting feature to the kitchen too.

When you create a harmonious blend between the kitchen and the backsplash area, here are some trending tile ideas:

Geometric tiles

Geometrical wall tiles

These tiles are resistant to alkalis, acids, do not absorb fats, do not get affected by a sudden change in temperature or humidity. Therefore, they are one of the most popular tile styles.

Metal finishes

modern metal facade tiles

These tiles that look like brass, silver or copper add a classy, luxe ambience to the kitchen.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles.

These come in myriad designs and help to visually expand the space.

Marble tiles

The heavily veined variety are making a comeback in 2021.

Black ceramic tiles

The stark contrast between the black backsplash area and the rest of the kitchen, makes it look inviting and liveable.

Limestone-look tiles

Limestone tiles

These have a strong, timeless appeal and adds character to the kitchen.


Tiles are the perfect choice for a kitchen, be it on the wall or the floor.

Since the kitchen is a heavy use area, the durability and easy maintenance of tiles can keep your kitchen sparkling clean and looking inviting.

Talk to our Gold Coast tiling experts about how to dress up your kitchen area.


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