When Water Damaged Plaster Repair Is Missed

As a responsible homeowner, it’s imperative that you address any water damaged plaster repair that’s required in your home, but especially water damaged plaster, because the potential for further damage is so great.

There are multiple ways that plaster inside your home can be damaged. A burst pipe, leaky roof, or heavy rainfall can all allow water to find its way into your home.

When that happens, the emphasis isn’t only on getting the damage repaired, it’s getting it repaired quickly.

You should never take any chances when it comes to your home’s infrastructure and water damage.

The Dangers of Water Damaged Plaster

The biggest threat from water damage is that it weakens the home’s structure. Ceilings, in particular, are especially vulnerable.

If there’s enough water damage, then the plaster will be softened to such an extent that the ceiling could collapse, which obviously brings it with various dangers.

First, if someone is in the room when the collapse happens, then there’ll be in physical danger.

Even if someone isn’t in the room, a collapsed ceiling will cause significant damage to the belongings you have in the room, as well as to the overall quality of the home.

It’s for this reason that you take steps to rectify any water damage in your home at the first sign; the more water is allowed to pool, the greater the threat.

Save Money By Repairing Water Damaged Plaster Now

You should also repair water damaged plaster as soon as possible because it’ll help to save you money, in the long run.

You might have to spend some money on having the handle the repairs of the water damaged plaster, but that will be nothing like the costs associated with replacing the entire roof, not to mention all of the belongings that you have in the room if the ceiling falls apart.

The longer that the damage is able to develop, the most expensive it becomes to get your home back to tip-top condition.

When Water Damaged Plaster Isn’t Repaired

You don’t need to look very far to see just how damaging water damage can be. There have been plenty of notable stories in the media in recent years!

In London, a 500-person wedding was ruined when a ceiling in an upmarket hotel fell down.

“The bride and groom had been celebrating their nuptials when a burst water pipe caused the ceiling of a gallery at the five-star Sheraton Grand Hotel on Park Lane to collapse. “

This was in the 5-star Sheraton Hotel, which shows that water damage can affect any property, no matter how luxurious it may be.

Thankfully, again, no-one was hurt — just covered in dust.

These instances may have happened because there was no-one responsible for checking that everything was free of water damage.


As a homeowner, it’s important to check out plaster board and make sure any plaster repairs are taken care of.

Don’t leave the state of your ceiling up to chance. If you spot water damage, then you’ll need to take action as soon as possible to ensure that further problems don’t arise.


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